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Client Testimonials

"What a wonderful experience I've had working with our Certes contractor. I really appreciated her diligence, accuracy, and attitude. It has made for a seamless transition during our employee's maternity leave."

"I feel very fortunate that our Certes contractor was available to start at a moment's notice. She started working during close week with no transition from the previous employee. She has done a wonderful job documenting the responsibilities and tasks of the position. It has made my new permanent employee's transition much smoother."

"While I've worked with many recruiters over 20+ years, you're the first one I've ever actually respected. In the same way that I only use Certes for finding contractors, I can guarantee that Certes will be my choice for any hiring I do in the future. I actually feel like you're working in my best interests! Wow."

"I have been very impressed and pleased with Certes Financial Pros...the professionalism of the staff and quality of the individuals placed with us - they always seem so happy and energized."

" I continue to direct internal finance managers to Certes because of the great service and the trust I have that Certes will meet, and often exceed, expectations."

“Our Certes contractor did an exceptional job getting up to speed in a very difficult area. She was able to make a lot of improvements in a very short period of time.”

"Our Certes contractor knows both the art and science of financial analysis, and in my estimation, his value to us surpassed anything we have received internally."

" Regarding Sarbanes-Oxley, we try to be organized and we have a long road ahead of us, but Certes has come to our rescue. Thanks!"

" We had a meeting with our Big 4 auditors and things are going well, thanks to the Certes contractors' experience and efforts. They really turned around a situation quickly and the quality of the work was excellent."

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Contractor Testimonials

“After many years in accounting, I realized I needed a change of pace and contacted Certes Financial Pros. Since that time, my family of four has grown to seven. Our one income household continues to flourish and we’ve been able to enjoy vacations throughout the US, Canada and parts of Mexico. I enjoy work more and am not racing home through traffic trying to be only ten minutes late for a parent-teacher conference. Instead of barely making the last 15 minutes of one of my children’s soccer games, I am now the head coach.

Assignments have been rewarding, commutes have been reasonable, and Certes compensation and benefits have been great. Family time is precious and I am happy to have found a place that gives me the right balance of both. Thank you, Certes!”

“Over 11 years ago, I had approached a career crossroad. After many years in public accounting, I was considering a transition to industry but was concerned about the impact on our family. My wife’s job required long hours and international travel, and our son was beginning his school years.

My initial meeting with Karen Oman of Certes Financial Pros addressed my main concern – the need for flexibility. Having more control over my work hours has provided me with wonderful opportunities to spend additional time with our son as he has grown. This flexibility allowed me to accompany him as an adult chaperone on a church sponsored youth mission trip to Alaska last summer.

Certes has proven to be more than a ‘good fit’. Diverse and challenging assignments have been well matched with compensation and benefits."

"From public accounting to industry, I have always loved being an accountant. But after having three kids in five years and helping lead a company through an aggressive two-year growth spurt, I knew something had to change.

A colleague told me about Certes and I quickly joined their team as a part-time contractor. Certes provided the opportunity to keep my foot in the work world and my skills sharp while offering the flexibility needed to “be there” for my family. I now work full-time, yet still have the flexibility to attend my children’s softball games and volunteer at school too!

Certes has helped me define what is most important to me in a ca­reer while also supporting and celebrating my personal accomplishments. Jobs are well matched to my skills so that I can give back to companies in value-added ways. I am rewarded each day by my abil­ity to make a difference and I continue to be amazed at the caliber of companies and projects that have come my way through Certes.

It’s been 10 years now and contracting continues to be the perfect fit for me!"

"While browsing for jobs in December 2006, flexibility was one of my top priorities. I had been a Controller at a medium-sized company and it was a good job, but ten days of banked vacation was not enough. Teenage sons grow up quickly and I felt I was missing out on their lives.

One look at the Certes website and I was hooked. My first summer, I took over two months of vacation to go hiking and camping with my sons. I was also able to join my family at the North American Unicycling Convention and Competition. I don’t know of any traditional employers offering that kind of time off. I returned to work in the fall feeling completely recharged!

Certes is in tune with the needs of CPAs. They value my skills and express appreciation for a job well done. My fellow contractors are top-notch professionals who are making a difference in businesses all over the Twin Cities.

Thank you, Certes, for helping me find the right blend of challenging professional work and personal balance!”